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Smoothing out folds and wrinkles or giving your mouth a fuller, more sensuous form can make an enormous difference in your appearance.

This can now be carried out without the use of foreign substances. The following products give shape with the body’s own natural material called hyaluronic acid. It binds water in your skin, to lift and give new firmness.

We offer several types of dermal filler, all with natural ingredients for complete compatibility with the body. It’s even possible to make slight alterations to the shape of the face. We will advise as to the most appropriate treatment, depending on your requirements.

The procedure involves the injection of a dermal filler, which will vary according to the skin type and the treatment required. In most cases, the dermal filler replaces natural substances found in the skin but that have been damaged by exposure to the elements and the natural ageing process – one example is hyaluronic acid .

Treatment is painless, and has immediate results. Sessions last 15-30 minutes and take place in a consultation room. Everyday activities can be resumed straight away. No aftercare is required, although sun protection is required.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that exists naturally in many organisms. It absorbs water and is also important for the transport of nutrients, regulating water balance and giving volume and structure to the skin.

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Depending on the treatment and product, results can last for about 12 to 18 months.

Collagen Stimulators combine the benefits of both immediate correction of wrinkles and folds as well as stimulating the generation of the body’s own natural collagen for beautiful, fresh and long-lasting results.

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Your physician will have an in-depth consultation with you to understand exactly what your needs are and what you would like to enhance. They will explain all the options to you.

If you wish to proceed with treatment your make up will be removed and a topical anaesthetic applied to the treatment area.

The gel is injected under the skin by your physician using a fine needle.

Your physician will advise you on your aftercare. You may be advised to stop wearing makeup for up to twelve hours. You may also be told to avoid sun, sauna and steam rooms for two weeks. Some people experience a little temporary tenderness, swelling or bruising around the injection sites.

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