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A chemical peel is a minimally invasive procedure that helps improve the appearance of skin.

During the procedure, your physician/aesthetician carefully applies combinations of powerful solutions to the skin to remove dead skin cells. The solutions penetrate into the skin causing dead skin cells to peel off. The new skin is smoother and more refined looking.

There are many types of chemical peel preparations and the right preparation depends on your skin type and desired results.

The Easy TCA is the most famous and internationally known Skin Tech® brand medium depth chemical peeling for skin regeneration.

Considered to be the safest, most effective and easiest peeling with TCA (Trychloratic Acid).  Easy TCA is used to treat fine lines, photo-aging, acne problems, acne scars, pigment problems (hyperpigmentation), melasma, keratoses, stretch marks, “age spots”, etc. on the face, neck and décolletage or wherever required if indicated.

The TCA peel works by causing sloughing or removal of the upper layers of skin. Normally these are the layers that are damaged by the elements such as sun, wind and neglect. By removing the upper layers of skin, the overall skin texture is dramatically smoothed, superficial wrinkles are quickly eliminated and colour irregularities are improved. The advantage of this peel is that the application is easy and ensures even uptake into the skin. Patients benefit by regaining a fresher more vibrant appearance.

TCA has been used for many years to treat facial wrinkles, age spots, pigment abnormalities, mask of pregnancy and other superficial skin problems such as sun damaged skin, acne and the appearance of superficial scars.

The Treatment

When TCA is applied to the skin, it causes the top layers of cells to dry up and peel off over a period of several days. When the old skin has peeled off, it exposes a new layer of undamaged skin which has a smoother texture and more even colour.

TCA is applied to your skin. Treatment is administered in a single session, of around 15 – 30 minutes duration. During this period, you may experience a slight burning sensation. This sensation is so slight, no sedation or anesthesia is required.

At the end of your treatment session, you will be provided with a treatment information leaflet. This document acts as a reference card to enable you to maximise the benefits from your treatment.

More than one TCA peel may be needed to achieve the desired result. This will be decided during your free consultation.


After having a TCA peel your new skin will be sensitive to sunlight for at least 6-8 weeks afterwards. During this time it is very important to protect the new skin with sunscreens, hats and the avoidance of strong sunlight.

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